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by Stephen Colbert's Late Show Debut, Tablet Wars Heating Up, ESPN's New England Patriots "Spygate" Report & More On Today's Show

Today's program is packed with information and entertainment that'll make you the most interesting person at your office's water cooler. Whitney St. John and Eila Adams have a discussion about some of today's stories. We've got their thoughts on Taylor Swift outranking Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Vanity Fair's "Powers That Be" rankings, what's keeping people away from the movies, and the... READ MORE >>

by Plague At Yosemite National Park, Cuomo Wants Topless Women Out Of Times Square, A New Fresh Prince of Bel Air & More On Today's Show

We're back again with yet another fantastic program for you - what are the odds, right? Things start off with Peyton Priestly going Inside The Box - Classic shows with late-night legend Johnny Carson will be back on the air, thanks to a deal between Carson Entertainment Group and Antenna TV - Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart will host the August 23rd WWE Summerslam, a 4-hour pay-per-view... READ MORE >>

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