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by Madison Banes Is Our Very Own LOLCat & More On Today's Program

It's Adopt A Cat Month, and Madison Banes is checking out some of her all-time favorite cat videos in her Naked Weather Forecast. From Keyboard Cat, to Maru and his many boxes, to the adorable Surprised Kitty, and the completely hilarious Sail Cat Fail set to Awolnation, she's got kitty clips galore. And a look ahead to the weekend weather! Watch now at READ MORE >>

by A Brand New Audition From Sweet, Sexy Tia & More On Our Weekend Programs

We have a fresh-faced new amateur in to audition! Tia is fun, hot, and very very comfortable with her body - yay! She auditions with an In Focus look at Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, then reveals more about herself in our interview. She's a friend of Alana's, and we get to hear the story of their trip to a sex club. You'll want to watch twice, at least partly because we want to know if you think... READ MORE >>

by El NiƱo Causing California Havoc, MLB Stars Suing Over Al Jazeera PED story, Oregon Militia Hashtag Hilarity & More On Today's Show

Happy Hump Day! On today's show, we start off with Angie Heyward and the News Off The Top - The FBI carried out a record number of background checks for gun purchases in 2015 - over 23 million checks in all - Billionaire Guy Wildenstein's tax fraud trial opened in Paris. $600 million in unpaid duties are in dispute - According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20-24 year olds are retiring -... READ MORE >>

by More From Spice Lanzarote, A Look At Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Sexy Cosplayer Holly Wolf & More On Our Weekend Shows

This weekend is full to the brim with epic awesomeness! Things start off with Eila Adams and Madison Banes narrating some crazy clips from their visit to Spice Lanzarote. It's free-form, just like their visit to outside the confines of the resort. They went to a non-nude dance club - nude. They rode camels - nude. And they partied hard - you guessed it, nude! See it all at READ MORE >>

by #WomanCrushWednesday- We Scared Up Some More Photos of Our Lovely Anchors in Costume

We get closer to Halloween with every passing day, and today we decided to reach deep into our treat bag to give you the full-sized candy bar of goodies- not one, not two, but a whole bevy of beauties in costume! We have Angie Heyward as sultry Jessica Rabbit, Peyton Priestly ready to mix you a drink as a sexy barmaid, Natasha Olenski ready to make you purr as a sexy kitty, and Madison Banes as... READ MORE >>

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