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by Hail Caesar Preview, Naked In The Streets, Superkick'd Wrestling, Bellwoods Turn It Up & More On Our Weekend Shows

We've got an awesome pair for you - a pair of great shows that is! Along with tons of features, Guest Anchor Danni is in the studio with the News Off The Top. She's got a survey that says almost 10% of US college graduates thought that TV's Judge Judy was a member of the Supreme Court, plus good news if you're a serious Lego fan because Legoland is looking for master builders for their Florida... READ MORE >>

by Cosby Drug Bombshell, NASA's New Horizons Approaching Pluto, Chelsea Handler #FreeTheNipple & More On Today's Show

Today's show is a lot of fun, and includes Andrea Sully, Katherine Curtis, and Isabella Rossini having a great discussion about panties - from granny-style to lacy thongs. And then they get into the topic of fantasizing during sex, and things get just a little out of hand - but it's all in great fun. See it all at! READ MORE >>

by US Midterm Elections, Sprint Layoffs & More On Today's Show

Today's show starts with Katherine Curtis in Tech, talking about the new Fitbit Surge, the Hendo Hoverboard, a social-media connected locket called "Purple", hologram popstar Hatsune Miku coming to America, and how New Yorkers can earn money with Placemeter and a smartphone. For all of this and oodles more, go to READ MORE >>

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