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by Toxic Algae Infestation Hits West Coast, Samsung Galaxy Devices At Risk, Rachel Dolezal Is Our Boob Of The Week & More On Today's Show

With music news, Carli Bei presents Turn It Up - Donald Trump's people claim they did obtain the rights to Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World", but it turns out political endorsements need extra authorization - Van Morrison has been awarded with a knighthood from the Queen. That's the UK's highest civilian honor - Prince and Stevie Wonder played a private gig at the White House, apparently... READ MORE >>

by Taiwan Plane Crash Caught On Dashcam Video, "Revenge Porn" Kingpin Facing Jail, Microsoft's HoloLens & More On Today's Show

We check out the home buying and selling of the rich and famous with guest anchor Scarlette, starting with Bob Hope's Toluca Lake dream home that's now on sale for $23 million dollars. Other celeb real estate wheelings and dealings include Ashley Tisdale's Spanish-style home, Jason Bateman's midcentury-modern house in the Hollywood Hills, singer Adele's spectacular new oceanfront Malibu... READ MORE >>

by Massive Blizzard Anticipated, Chris Christie Launches PAC, Screen Actors Guild Awards & More On Today's Show

We wrap up the weekend's Sports news with Natasha Olenski. She tells us more about Cleveland Browns wide receive Josh Gordon reportedly failing another drug test, results of the NFL's Pro Bowl and the NHL's All-Star game, a record 1000th win for Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, and a victory by Roman Reigns at the WWE's Royal Rumble. He'll be heading to Wrestlemania next! To see the whole... READ MORE >>

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