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by Chinese Emoji Crackdown, More Walking Dead Content, Kim Kardashian's Birthday & More On Today's Program

On today's program, it's Kim Kardashian West's birthday, so Natasha Olenski is celebrating with a look at some of Kim's sexiest moments. From her sex tape with Ray-J, to her "Break The Internet" photo shoot, to her Instagram selfies with Emily Ratajkowski, to her marriage to Kanye West, Natasha's got all the details in her Naked Weather Report. Enjoy it all at now! READ MORE >>

by Goldman Sachs To Pay Billions, Porn Site Blocks North Carolina, Cuba Running Out Of Beer, All About Orgasms & More On Today's Program has declared 2016 "The Year of the Female Orgasm", and presented some fascinating statistics on the subject. Oral, anal, masturbation - who's doing it, and how often! The subject is so important that Isabella Rossini, Madison Banes, and Elise dedicate the entire Closing Remarks to the subject. So if you've ever wondered about their thoughts on orgasms, you'll want to watch this one... READ MORE >>

by Oscars Wrap-Up, Ryan Reynolds To Pair With Samuel L. Jackson In "Hitman's Bodyguard", Incredible Comeback By Lindsey Vonn & More On Today's Program

We're here once again with a fresh new week at Naked News! Today, Eila Adams starts us off in the Naked Newsroom, featuring a look at some of the notable moments from the Oscars. That includes Chris Rock's edgy monologue, Lady Gaga's performance, Stacey Dash's perplexing appearance, and Leonardo DiCaprio winning his first Academy Award, for The Revenant. But it's not all Hollywood! Eila's also... READ MORE >>

by Hottest September Ever, Marijuana Use Increasing, NFL Network Is Boob Of The Week & More On Today's Show

Thursday is a great day at Naked News, partly because Carli Bei has music news in Turn It Up - After just 4 months, Apple Music has 6.5 million paying subscribers, with another 8.5 million still on their free trial - Muse is going on tour, and is planning a 360 degree experience with the stage in the middle of venues and Drones flying overhead - Britain's Sunday Express claims that Taylor Swift... READ MORE >>

by Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup, Colt Defense Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Women's Porn Preferences & More On Today's Show

And Eila Adams, Carli Bei, and Andrea Sully close things off with a discussion of some of today's stories. While they talk about the Colorado medical marijuana court ruling and Taylor Swift's generosity, you'll probably be most interested to hear their thoughts on what women look for in porn. And you'll probably be very surprised to find out what Andrea's porn fetish is. You'll never guess, so... READ MORE >>

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