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by Sailor Brinkley Topless Hotness!

Sailor Brinkley comes by her extreme hotness naturally - her mother is supermodel Christie Brinkley - and just like mom, she's happy to share her gifts with the world. She recently posted an awesome topless snap to her Instagram, and it's proof-positive that everyone should be following her. READ MORE >>

by Christie Brinkley Is STILL Crazy Hot And Happy To Flaunt What She's Got!

Someone has truly blessed Christie Brinkley, and those of us who love her - as in, all of us. At 64, she's still ridiculously gorgeous, and showed it off for the 15th anniversary edition of Social Life Magazine. She was kind enough to share some snaps to her Instagram, and for that we are truly grateful. Admit it - you'd still go out of your way to follow "The Girl in the Ferrari"! READ MORE >>

by Christie Brinkley's Still Got It! The 63 Year Old Poses NUDE For Social Life Magazine

Christie Brinkley must have a Picture Of Dorian Grey-esque portrait in her attic, because the 63 year old looks like she isn't ageing. The supermodel, who has over 500 magazine covers under her belt, is once again a cover girl- this time, for Social Life magazine. Brinkley is even nude on the cover save for a well placed leaf, and while she's a bit more covered up on the interior of the mag,... READ MORE >>

by Christie Brinkley's Smokin' Hot Daughter Sailor Smoulders In This Sexy Bikini Video

Professional hottie Christie Brinkley's good genes definitely run in the family- check out this video of her daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook's Sports Illustrated photoshoot. The 19 year old posed with her Mom for Sports Illustrated recently, and this gorgeous video of her modeling solo shows off the sultry side of Sailor. As you can see from the video and the photo below, sexy Sailor will... READ MORE >>

by Google Too Generous, Harrison Ford's Near Miss, Floyd Mayweather-Connor McGregor Superfight Rumors Intensify & More On Today's Program

Wrapping things up, Carli, Roxanne, and Kat share their thoughts on some of today's stories, including the necessity of ultra-easy methods to order pizza, the idea of sex toys in fast food establishments, and whether YouTube star PewDiePie will be able to ride out the current controversy about offensiveness and anti-Semitic sentiments in some of his videos. And we actually want your thoughts on... READ MORE >>

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