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by Eila's Alec Bald-Winning & More On Today's Program

On today's program, Eila Adams talks television, Inside The Box, with stories like - The Game of Thrones season premiere was HBO's most-watched season premiere ever, with over 16 million viewers - Jodie Whittaker was announced to play the 13th Doctor Who, to much acclaim, and more than a little nerd rage - Alec Baldwin has signed to play role Jack Nicholson made famous in A Few Good Men, this... READ MORE >>

by Officials Say Putin Personally Involved In US Election Shenanigans, CBS Kicking Ratings Ass, Guns 'N Roses Tour Extended & More On Today's Program

Lovely Addilyn offers up today's stories from the Naked Newsroom - US intelligence officials are pretty sure Vladimir Putin personally oversaw the leaking of Democratic National Committee material - The Russian President has also been named the World's Most Powerful Person by Forbes, for the third consecutive year - Joshua Samuel Arron turned himself in. He's the alleged face of a hacking ring... READ MORE >>

by NFL Opening Weekend Wrapup, Wildfires Cause State Of Emergency In California, Possible Egg Shortage Looms & More On Today's Show

We've got a fantastic week ahead for you, and that starts right here with today's show. If you pay close attention, you might notice a bit of a special theme today. We're pretty sure you're going to enjoy it. Our sexy Angie Heyward is today's host, and she'll guide you through the program with nothing to hide. See it all for yourself at READ MORE >>

by Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup, Colt Defense Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Women's Porn Preferences & More On Today's Show

And Eila Adams, Carli Bei, and Andrea Sully close things off with a discussion of some of today's stories. While they talk about the Colorado medical marijuana court ruling and Taylor Swift's generosity, you'll probably be most interested to hear their thoughts on what women look for in porn. And you'll probably be very surprised to find out what Andrea's porn fetish is. You'll never guess, so... READ MORE >>

by New Survey! Do YOU think that it should be legal to fire someone for using medical marijuana in a state where it's legal AND the person was neither using it nor under the influence while on the job?

The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that Dish Network was entitled to fire a man who uses medical marijuana under their "zero tolerance" policy, even though they acknowledge he did not use marijuana while on the job, nor did he come to work under the influence. Do you agree with this ruling? Watch our discussion on today's show, and check out Time's article, then let us know what you think by... READ MORE >>

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