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by Naked Pool Party Rocking the Waters in Canada

Calgary Nude Recreation has an upcoming swim event to be hosted at the local indoor water park, Southland Leisure Centre. The groups Facebook page and the event invite on show a fully SOLD OUT event! A storm of disagreement has swept the country and over 18,000 signatures have been collected on the online petition! The cause of controversy is that the event is open to... READ MORE >>

by Defending 'Artistic Nudes' Snapped at Cinderella's Castle!

The beautiful Craigievar Castle in Scotland is known as the inspiration for Cinderella's home in the animated Disney classic! The castle was ALSO the setting for a recent nude shoot that has drummed up a flurry of controversy around photographer Howard Kennedy. The National Trust Scotland has voiced that his reputation "has been dragged through the mud"... so he's suing them! Here's the story!... READ MORE >>

by Playboy Model Jaylene Cook Caused A Stir With These Nude Photos On A Mountain

New Zealand Playboy model Jaylene Cook is in hot water after she posed nude on Mount Taranaki- which happened to be sacred to the Maori people. The model spent seven hours hiking up the mountain with her boyfriend, who then took the shot where she stripped down to just her hat, gloves, and shoes. The couple said they weren't being disrespectful because they didn't stand on the head of the... READ MORE >>

by #FreeTheCleavage Creator Elle Johnson Has Been Kicked Off Instagram Because Life Isn't Fair

If you're not familiar with Elle Johnson, you should be. When Spirit Airlines kicked a passenger off a flight for showing too much cleav, the gorgeous and outspoken model started the #FreeTheCleavage movement. Now, it appears, The model has been kicked off Instagram. The reasons are not apparent, but we're bet it has to do with those dangerous curves of hers and how recklessly she shows them.... READ MORE >>

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