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by Madison Wonders What Ever Happened To Civilized Political Discourse & More On Today's Program

Madison Banes names Robert De Niro our Boob of the Week for his lowest-common-denominator "Fuck Trump" comments at the Tony Awards. Political discourse used to be passionate but civil, but it feels like things are going to the dogs on all sides. Crude comments in front of a sympathetic audience don't do anything to change minds or improve things, and we need to demand better. Get the full story... READ MORE >>

by Puerto Rico Requesting Chapter 9 Bankruptcy, Obama's Approval Rating Up, Walt Disney World To Open NBA Attraction & More On Today's Show

Today's show has plenty to keep you occupied. For example, In our From The Vault segment, we have former anchor Rachel Simmons in Locker Talk. It's a segment that was perfectly suited to her talents - including ranting entertainingly - and in this one, she tells the story of her new small car, parking, a snowdrift, and a little old lady. It's Rachel in all her glory! READ MORE >>

by Apple Posts Huge 2nd Quarter, Koch's $100-Million Lodge For Sale, Bell's 525 Relentless Helicopter & More On Today's Show

It's like a trip around the world as Angie Heyward presents Travels - Journey times in Japan will be slashed in half by 2027, thanks to their incredible maglev train. It broke its own speed record by hitting 374 miles per hour - Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos has been named the world's best island in a TripAdvisor poll. It sounds like paradise - For a unique vacation, check Wunderland... READ MORE >>

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