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by Laura Goes Coconuts In The Naked Newsroom & More On Today's Program

Guest Anchor Laura is in the Naked Newsroom with the bulletins today, with stories including - 200 million US voters' personal information was exposed, thanks to a marketing firm working for the Republican party - American supercomputers are out of the top 3 ratings for the first time since 1996 - At least 20 flights out of Phoenix needed to be cancelled because of the extreme heat - Time... READ MORE >>

by Ted Cruz Tops New Poll, Lethal Weapon To Become Fox TV Show, Review of Kanye West's "The Life Of Pablo" & More On Today's Program

In the Naked Weather Forecast, Natasha Olenski commemorates the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with a look at some of the sexiest cover models in the magazine's history. This year's covers feature Ronda Rousey, Ashley Graham, and Hailey Clauson - our fave of the three. Nat also checks out the original cover model, Babette March, plus icons Elle Macpherson and Tyra Banks. It's a bevy of... READ MORE >>

by Amateur Andrea's New Audition, Fake Orgasm Contest, Sexy Celebrity Birthdays & More On Today's Show

It's Friday, which means we've got some of our awesomest non-news segments. We do still have some news - we are Naked News, after all - but it's a bit lighter-hearted than during the week. Angie Heyward has the stories for us - According to a 5-year study, the sexiest names are Alessandro for men, and Scarlett for women. Other sexy names included Natalia, Paulina, Lorenzo, and Dante - Thailand... READ MORE >>

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