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by UK Public Nudity and Decency Laws Explained!

Believe it or not, it is technically LEGAL to be naked in public throughout the UK so long as the intent of the disrobing is not a "breach of peace" or used strictly for shock value! Check out the full article here for all the details and some great UK NUDE arrest stories! READ MORE >>

by The Beauty Of Bathing, Photo Series By Ruth Kaplan

Canadian-born photographer, Ruth Kaplan has compiled a 12 year captivation with communal baths in her photography book, Bathers. Enjoy some of the stunning pics below and learn more about the project here. READ MORE >>


Cake baker, Natalie Burnett of Ivybridge, Devon has us eating with our eyes with this delicious, entirely-edible orgy depiction. The full-fondant baked bedroom scene was ordered by an anonymous client who gave very little direction beyond a 'clean but cheeky' swingers-themed cake! Check out the story here READ MORE >>

by Big Brother Germany gets NAKED!

The German version of hit reality TV series Big Brother, has us salivating with their sexy starlets stripping down for a recently-aired steamy shower scene! Once again proving just how cool the Europeans are with their totally nude TV... check out the story here. READ MORE >>

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