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by Airlines Banning Samsung Galaxy 7s, Mars Lander Leaves Mothership, Ben Rothlisberger Out With Torn Meniscus & More On Today's Program

Another weekend over, another terrific new week of Naked News! On today's program, Guest Anchor Roxanne is back in the Naked Newsroom with some of the top stories, including - More airlines, including Virgin Australia, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines have banned passengers from flying with Samsung Galaxy Note 7s - New regulations allow American travelers to buy Cuban rum and cigars in foreign... READ MORE >>

by Porn star Sadie Santana offers L.A. Lakers some Motivation, Pat Sajak Snaps On TV, Philae Lander Successfully Touches Down on Comet and More on Today's Show

Brace yourself: The whole "Friends with benefits" thing doesn't really work! At least not according to a study of college students in the US. The study says that the reason the relationships inevitably fail is lack of communication. Most participants believed that communication about the relationship's boundaries was important. But they generally didn't want to actually HAVE conversations,... READ MORE >>

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