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by Madison and Tia Have Your MARCH MADNESS Coverage & More On Today's Program

[program id="7931"] Eila Adam's is our Monday Show Host! Frankie's in the Naked News room with the latest facts on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and its 600 thousand mile coverage of floating plastic debris! San Francisco is to become the first FUR-FREE city! Retailers will have until 2020 to completely rid their inventory of fur products. The passing of a recent bill has Craigslist removing... READ MORE >>


F1 has made a major change to their iconic traditions. That being the role of the Grid Girl who struts the lanes and around the vehicles prior to the races as well as pose with the champion on the podium post race! F1 shared a powerful statement on Twitter explaining why they will be eliminating the Grid Girls from their events... "We feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and... READ MORE >>

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