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by America's Got Tyra & More On Today's Program

On today's program, Eila Adams goes Inside The Box for the scoop from TV Land, including Tyra Banks' takeover of Nick Cannon's America's Got Talent duties! Watch now at READ MORE >>

by Apple Sales Fall, American Breasts Are Tops, Alessandra Ambrosio And Adriana Lima To Help NBC's Olympic Coverage And More On Today's Program

Today's program wraps up with Angie Heyward joined by Kat Curtis and Eila Adams to talk about some of today's stories. They reveal their own lives' theme songs, as well as their favorite "crappy compliments". And of course, they also talk about the fact that American women have the biggest natural breasts on the planet. We'd like to get your thoughts on that, too, so we've created a post on our... READ MORE >>

by CNN Poll Shows Clinton And Trump Neck And Neck, Professional Boxers Eligible For Rio Olympics, Snapchatting Mt. Everest & More On Today's Program

On today's program, Vera Bambi checks in with some saucy stories in Pillow Talk, including - A New Yorker article has revealed that a motel owner spent 29 years peeping on guests and documenting their sexual habits - The British Department for Culture, Media, and Sport are trying to restrict access to online porn, in response to an increase in anal sex among young people - The Smarttress is an... READ MORE >>

by Record Temperatures in Europe, UberPOP Suspended In France, Meghan Leopard Guest Anchors & More On Today's Show

Welcome to a new week at Naked News! And your Monday is going to be a real treat, because lovely Meghan Leopard is in the studio as a Guest Anchor, presenting the News Off The Top! We've also got our regular news anchors, including Natasha Olenski with Sports - The US women's soccer team soundly defeated Japan to win the World Cup Final in Vancouver - Lewis Hamilton won his fifth race of the... READ MORE >>

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