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by Madison Wonders What Ever Happened To Civilized Political Discourse & More On Today's Program

Madison Banes names Robert De Niro our Boob of the Week for his lowest-common-denominator "Fuck Trump" comments at the Tony Awards. Political discourse used to be passionate but civil, but it feels like things are going to the dogs on all sides. Crude comments in front of a sympathetic audience don't do anything to change minds or improve things, and we need to demand better. Get the full story... READ MORE >>

by Goddess Alert! Heidi Klum Plays Venus in GNTM Ad!

Perhaps her most suitable tribute to date, the STUNNING German model and host of Germany's Next Top Model posed as Botticelli's Venus to promo the launch of the show's new season. The 44-year old bronzed beauty nailed the elegance and timeless beauty of the famous scene and shared it on her Instagram with fans! READ MORE >>

by Workin' Their Charm Around the Farm!

We are CRAZY about this vintage-inspired nude calendar shot by Frank Lutzeb├Ąck of various German farm girls posing with their heavy machinery! The title of the calendar is "Jungbauerntraume" which translates to "young farmers dreams" and is available NOW on Amazon! Click here READ MORE >>

by It's Hump Day With Eila & More On Today's Program

Happy hump day, everyone! Eila's in the Naked Newsroom with the Bulletins, including a report that Steve Jobs' widow will become an owner of the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals! Get all the details at READ MORE >>

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