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by Ready, Player One? Tia Larose Gets Her Game On & More On Today's Program

Today, Tia Larose has the Game Spot with stories including - Ohio's Ashland University is offering a partial scholarship for an elite Fortnite player - is a portal dedicated to all things eSports - A new trailer shows the upcoming Spider-Man game will include Spidey's Iron Spider Suit - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is now available, free on iOS and Android Get the full... READ MORE >>

by Ex-NFLer Darren Sharper Sentenced, Utah Legalizes Firing Squad Executions, Average Penis Size Revealed & More On Today's Show

Today's show is hosted by Isabella Rossini, who also heads up the discussion in today's Closing Remarks. She, along with Katherine Curtis and Eila Adams, discuss a survey about average penis sizes, the apparent feud between Rob Kardashian and Kim Kardashian, and Eva Mendes' comments about never wearing sweatpants at home. It's the capper to a terrific show that you can catch at... READ MORE >>

by Richard Branson's Virgin Group's unlimited vacation plan & more on Today's Show

In News Off The Top, Whitney St. John has stories about Richard Branson's Virgin Group offering unlimited vacation time to employees, Zack Brown's post-Kickstarter PotatoStock party, Playboy Magazine's picks for the top three party schools in the US, the startling numbers around just how many websites there are on the internet, Idaho's status as the state with the worst driving etiquette, and a... READ MORE >>

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