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by Brazilian Billionaire Arrested, 3D TV Disappearing, Playboy Club Returning to Manhattan & More On Today's Program

Today, Katherine Curtis lets her geek flag fly in her Naked Nerd with stories like - NASA's new space suits, designed for astronauts on the Starliner to the ISS, are way cooler than the traditional ones - X-Men director Bryan Singer will direct the pilot for FOX's upcoming X-Men TV series - Rian Johnson teased a new edit to the opening crawl of the next Star Wars episode, The Last Jedi -... READ MORE >>

by FBI Drops Court Case Against Apple, Fortune's World's Greatest Leaders List Revealed, Batcave On Google Maps & More On Today's Program

Carli Bei is back! Yes, she's finally back from her long vacation, so we put her to work hosting the program - and as always, she does a great job. Today's show starts off in the Naked Newsroom with Isabella Rossini - The FBI has dropped its legal case demanding Apple enable them to access the San Bernardino gunman's phone, apparently because a third party was able to access the data - Over a... READ MORE >>

by US Interest Rates Set To Rise, Facebook's Cookies A Problem In Belgium, DraftKings And FanDuel Illegal In New York & More On Today's Show

Happy Hump Day! There's a whole lot of awesome on today's show, starting with lovely Angie Heyward with the News Off The Top - An American and two Israeilis have been charged in connection with the massive 2012-2015 cyber-attack that targeted JPMorgan and others - The US Federal Reserve says interest rates could rise next month if the economy continues improving - Today is the biggest online... READ MORE >>

by US Federal Reserve Says Interest Rates Could Rise, Rare Blue Moon, Rattlesnake Selfie Gets Man $150K Bill & More On Today's Show

It's a perfect day to be out in the sun, and our own Eila Adams hosts the program today from the beach. We suggest that you imagine the sound of water splashing and the feeling of sand between your toes as you sit down to enjoy what we've got to show you today. Click to get a synopsis, or see it all for yourself at READ MORE >>

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