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by Brooklyn Street Art Depicts NAKED Sex Offenders Of The Era!

A series of art posters have popped up across Brooklyn's Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighbourhoods depicting the eras TOP sex offenders of the #MeToo movements; Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Brett Kavanaugh and Kevin Spacey completely naked. The posters are inspired by the famous Picasso "Les Demoiselles d’Avignon" in which naked women are painted into a brothel scene. The posters have been... READ MORE >>

by Happy New Year! Enjoy Our New Year's Special!

It's time for champagne toasts, dropping balls, tipsy kisses, and fresh beginnings! We do our part by marking some milestones from 2017 as we pass into 2018. Eila Adams and Whitney St. John are your party hosts for this fun trip down memory lane. Watch and enjoy at And we're back in the studios January 2 with the fresh news and views you love! READ MORE >>

by Alana Will Brighten Your Day & More On Today's Program

We Turn It Up with Alana Blaire, who's got all the music news, including info that Neil Young has collaborated with up and coming hip hop artist Dram in the single "Campfire" for Bright, Will Smith's new movie! Get the details at READ MORE >>

by Boobfest At Tiffany's & More On Today's Program

Betsy's back, and she names Tiffany & Co our Boob of the Week for their obscenely absurd and overpriced "Everyday Objects" collection, and particularly their thousand-dollar soup can. Get all the details! Watch now at READ MORE >>

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