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by Minaj à Trois!

Get ready to DROOL! Nicki Minaj has stunned us again. This time in the form of triplet-Nicki's posed in super sultry situations, dressed in some truly BAD-ASS designs. The images will be featured in the upcoming, Paper Magazine and were shot by legendary Ellen Von Unworth. Enjoy! READ MORE >>

by US Federal Reserve Says Interest Rates Could Rise, Rare Blue Moon, Rattlesnake Selfie Gets Man $150K Bill & More On Today's Show

It's a perfect day to be out in the sun, and our own Eila Adams hosts the program today from the beach. We suggest that you imagine the sound of water splashing and the feeling of sand between your toes as you sit down to enjoy what we've got to show you today. Click to get a synopsis, or see it all for yourself at READ MORE >>

by Government Shutdown Avoided, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Madoff Associates Sentenced & More On Today's Show

Katherine Curtis presents the news for us today, with details on US congressional leaders avoiding a government shutdown by agreeing to a spending bill, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's $100million funding of a new cell research institute, and the spectacular sights of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Also, federal prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank for allegedly trying... READ MORE >>

by 2014's Sexiest Nude Scenes, Nicolas Cage's New Movie, Boobs For Science & More On Today's Show

We head into the weekend with a bit of "ligher fare" for you. Isabella Rossini has our Odds & Ends, with quirky stories about GQ's least influential people of the year, the most common name in the United States (hint: It's not John Smith!), and Amazon and Facebook's hunt for drone pilots and engineers. Plus how high heels affect men's inclination to help a woman out, a Turkish flight attendant... READ MORE >>

by Angie Heyward Rocks the Lingerie

Naked News anchor Angie Heyward is a natural beauty who loves lingerie - stockings, lacy panties and bras. And high heeled shoes, of course. Here she rocks a particularly lovely little set for you. READ MORE >>

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