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by Fake Charities Shut Down, Ballers Lawsuit, Boob Of The Week Jake Croman, Weezer's New Album Reviewed & More On Today's Program

Eila Adams leads off the program in the Naked Newsroom! - The US Federal Trade Commission is suing Volkswagen, alleging the carmaker falsely advertised vehicles as "environmentally friendly" - Cancer Fund of America and Cancer Support Services have been shut down after blowing donations on salaries and employee perks - Hololens, Microsoft's VR headset, begins shipping this week, though it's... READ MORE >>

by Playboy Pulls The Plug On Nudity, SeaWorld San Diego Banned From Breeding Orcas, More Transformers To Come & More On Today's Show

Our Feedback email box is full of happy comments about how much everyone enjoyed our classic 2003 program on Monday, but today we're back with a brand-new edition for you. The Naked Nerd is back again, featuring, well, the Naked Nerd - Katherine Curtis - Marvel has delayed the release of the Captain Marvel movie to make room for a new Ant-Man flick featuring The Wasp - Microsoft has revealed... READ MORE >>

by FDA Bans Trans Fats, Golden State Warriors Win NBA Championship, More Honda Recalls & More On Today's Show

We've hit the middle of the workweek, and are getting closer to the weekend with every passing hour - we can almost taste it! And we've got lots of fun and information for you today. Isabella Rossini offers up the big news stories - Baseball's St. Louis Cardinals are under investigation for allegations they hacked into the Houston Astros' computer network - Honda is issuing another huge recall... READ MORE >>

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