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by The Weather's Always Hot When Whitney's On Screen & More On Today's Program

This Friday is Friday the 13th, and Whitney St. John has the scoop on some of the history and facts about the worst day of the year for paraskevidekatriaphobiacs. That means a little Norse legend, a little Christian lore, some Finnish research, and some economic repercussions. See it all at READ MORE >>

by The Benefits Of Kinky Sex & More On Today's Program

On today's program, Shannon has your Pillow Talk, which is a special report on kinky sex! A recent study on BDSM had some very interesting results you're sure to appreciate. Get the details now at READ MORE >>

by Banker Jailed For Libor Rigging, Amy & Chuck Schumer Team Up For Gun Control, Average Movie Ticket Price Up & More On Today's Show

We're back after our long weekend, and we're all refreshed and gung-ho for a terrific new week. Katherine Curtis starts things off with the News Off The Top - Former Citibank and UBS trader Tom Hayes was sentenced to 14 years in jail for manipulating the Libor interest rate - India's government has banned 857 adult websites that "violate morality and decency" - Zimbabwe has named Dr. Jan... READ MORE >>

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