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by Obama's State Of The Union, New England Patriots Deflated Ball Controversy, SpaceX Investment Boost & More On Today's Show

Lovely Peyton Priestly is the host today, and in addition to guiding us through the show, she also finishes up with a Viewer Mail about pre-show prep. We get answers from Katherine Curtis, Angie Heyward, Carli Bei, and more with the secret tricks the ladies use to get ready to do their segments. There's singing, there's lunges, there are tongue-twisters, plus coffee and more. Find out what goes... READ MORE >>

by Today's Show - September 30, 2014

Today's show has plenty of great information for you! We've got seven segments, and our host today is Katherine Curtis. For all of this and lots more, in HD and uncensored, go to READ MORE >>

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