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by Chrissy Teigen's NAKED Cravings!

The yummy, soon-to-be second time Mommy shared this adorable pic on social media of her preparing a snack for those insatiable pregnant hankerings! Make sure you are following her here. READ MORE >>

by 2016 Officially The Hottest Year On Record, U2 To Headline Bonnaroo, Jerry Seinfeld Heading To Netflix & More On Today's Program

What's not to love about today's edition of Naked News? It's got just about everything you could want! That includes Eila Adams keeping a firm hand on the remote when she goes Inside The Box to report on stories like - Jerry Seinfeld is taking "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" to Netflix, along with two new standup specials - Louis CK and Albert Brooks are joining forces on an animated TV... READ MORE >>

by FBI Drops Court Case Against Apple, Fortune's World's Greatest Leaders List Revealed, Batcave On Google Maps & More On Today's Program

Carli Bei is back! Yes, she's finally back from her long vacation, so we put her to work hosting the program - and as always, she does a great job. Today's show starts off in the Naked Newsroom with Isabella Rossini - The FBI has dropped its legal case demanding Apple enable them to access the San Bernardino gunman's phone, apparently because a third party was able to access the data - Over a... READ MORE >>

by Playboy Pulls The Plug On Nudity, SeaWorld San Diego Banned From Breeding Orcas, More Transformers To Come & More On Today's Show

Our Feedback email box is full of happy comments about how much everyone enjoyed our classic 2003 program on Monday, but today we're back with a brand-new edition for you. The Naked Nerd is back again, featuring, well, the Naked Nerd - Katherine Curtis - Marvel has delayed the release of the Captain Marvel movie to make room for a new Ant-Man flick featuring The Wasp - Microsoft has revealed... READ MORE >>

by Uber Drivers' Class Action Suit Okayed, Game Of Thrones Breaks Records, Motorhead's New Album Reviewed & More On Today's Show

Sit back, relax, and maybe get naked - we do tell you that's the best way to enjoy! Carli Bei has music news in Turn It Up - Bono's 2009 investment in Facebook has made the U2 frontman a staggering $1.4 billion, making him the world's richest musician - Miley Cyrus teamed up with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne on her new album. Carli is not impressed with the video for the single Do It -... READ MORE >>

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