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by Your Player One Will Be Ready & More On Today's Program

Today, Eila Adams takes a peek behind Hollywood's curtain in Naked At The Movies with stories like - Rights for "The President Is Missing", a not-yet published novel co-written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson, are already in demand - Sylvester Stallone hinted at the return of Ivan Drago in an Instagram post about the followup to Creed - Michelle Pfeiffer has joined Marvel's Ant-Man And The... READ MORE >>

by Mitsubishi Motors Admits To Faking Fuel Efficiency Tests, Conor McGregor NOT In UFC 200, Another Record Tower For Dubai & More On Today's Program

Isabella Rossini kicks things off - including her clothes! - in the Naked Newsroom - For the first time ever, sales of the iPhone declined, and Apple's revenue dropped for the first time in 13 years - Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi Motors admitted the company had faked fuel efficiency test results for the past 25 years - Employees at US yogurt company Chobani will be given up to 10% of the... READ MORE >>

by California Water Conservation Efforts Failing, US - Cuba Ferries Could Return, Pacquiao Faces Lawsuit & More On Today's Show

"Would you rather be a happy idiot or a miserable genius? Would you rather be able to fly or to read minds?" These are just a couple of the "would you rather" questions Eila Adams asked people when she went Naked In The Streets. To see the synopsis of today's show, just click above. To see the whole show, go to right now! READ MORE >>

by Alleged Boehner Assassination Attempt, Leak Alarm On International Space Station, Cristiano Renaldo Wins Ballon d'Or & More On Today's Show

It's a big news day today! Carli Bei has the major stories, including details of an alleged assassination attempt on US House Speaker John Boehner, the US Department of Homeland Security ramping up screening measures at airports, and authorities believe Junaid Hussain is the leader of the "CyberCaliphate" responsible for attacking the Pentagon's Twitter and YouTube feeds Monday. As well, the... READ MORE >>

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