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by Betsy Slams Butthurt Vegans & More On Today's Program

Betsy Swoon names Marni Ugar and her band of vegan protesters our Boob of the Week for getting shocked and whiny after the chef at Antler Kitchen & Bar responded to them by carving and eating meat at a table by the restaurant's window. There's nothing wrong with being vegan, and there's nothing wrong with protesting. But you aren't the victim when your target protests back! See the full story... READ MORE >>

by CEOs Express Concern Over Indiana "Religious Freedom" Law, Jamie Foxx Provokes Anger, Guest Anchor Andrea & More On Today's Show

Welcome once again! There's lots to get to from our lovely cast of anchors, including guest anchor Andrea, whose audition last Friday was so popular that we just had to bring her back for a few more segments. And Eila Adams finishes things off with a little sit-down with Andrea to find our how her first day went, and what she's looking forward to. Be sure to let us know how you think she did!... READ MORE >>

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