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by Kendall Jenner NUDE Shoot Leaked!

22-year old Kendall Jenner recently posed nude for photographer, Russell James' Angels book. The shoot is said to include full-frontal images of the model riding a horse bareback, sprinting across a beach and climbing a tree! The images were said to be stolen from the photographer's computer and then shared across social media outlets causing a "break the internet" sized stir! Full Article here... READ MORE >>

by Hot Squats Are The New Workout And Social Media Trend - And We Love It!

To paraphrase a legendary philosopher, we like big butts, and we cannot lie. And we're not the only ones, as spectacular derrieres are being flaunted and praised everywhere. Squats are part of any serious booty workout, but more celebs are saying "why save them for the gym?" and posting them to social media, too! And not just in workout gear, but also in stylish photos in designer gear. We say... READ MORE >>

by Love, Exciting And Nude - With Kendall Jenner Topless And Wet!

Kendall Jenner's birthday is the gift that keeps on giving - to us! Not long after celebrating, Kendall had a photoshoot for LOVE Magazine at Hampstead Ponds, where she floated languidly with those flawless breasts just peeking out of the water. But we all know she doesn't need any excuse to go topless - we encourage it any time, day or night. Not all the pics were a revealing, but it's okay -... READ MORE >>

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