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by Credit Agencies Downgrade UK's Ratings, Republican Voters Dissatisfied With Donald Trump, Game Of Thrones Con Is Coming & More On Today's Program

Angie Heyward gets trippy in Travels, with stories about - TripAdvisor has released its World's Most Beloved Landmarks list, with Machu Picchu at the top, followed by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and the Angkor Wat temple - AirBnB has a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lair in New York City - for some lucky contest winners - New York lawmakers have approved a bill that would prohibit listing... READ MORE >>

by Progress In Ukraine Peace Process, Three Powerball Winning Tickets, Tiger Woods Takes Leave & More On Today's Show

Gorgeous Peyton Priestly is our host today, guiding us through a busy show that starts with Katherine Curtis and News Off The Top. That features stories including that talks have yielded a roadmap to peace in eastern Ukraine, veteran CBS correspondent Bob Simon has been killed in a car accident, and Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino has been sentenced to 16 years in prison. Plus, the... READ MORE >>

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