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by Kim Kardashian's Back With Another Yeezy Ad!

Kim Kardashian's back - pun definitely intended! - with a new Tweet promoting hubby Kanye West's Yeezy Butter 350 kicks. But, in typical Kim K style, you'll barely notice the pricey shoes because dat ass! Obviously, as far as we're concerned Kim can wear anything or nothing, as long as she keeps sharing her bodacious badonkadonk with us, so Kim - keep 'em coming! READ MORE >>

by Marina's Got Some Sesame Seed Buns For You & More On Today's Program

It's the Big Mac's 50th birthday, so Marina Valmont is taking a look at some iconic burgers like the Whopper, the Yumburger, and White Castle sliders - and of course, the weekend forecasts - in the Naked Weather Forecast! Get her perspective on all that beef now, at READ MORE >>

by Kim K Makes Big Money Moves With Launch Of New Fragrance.

The 37-year-old reality star and industry icon has consumers wrapped around her little finger! This past week the curvy celeb launched 3 new fragrances, Kimoji Vibes, Kimoji Cherry and Kimoji Peach the next five minutes post-launched raked in a million dollars in sales A MINUTE. That's right, 5 MILLION DOLLARS in just 5 MINUTES! The products were launched with no money spent on advertising,... READ MORE >>

by Kami Osman, Kim Kardashian's Doppelganger, Is Busting Out ALL Over Instagram

Kamilla Osman has been told for years that she looks just like Kim Kardashian, and who are we to argue? The curvetastic Canadian shares plenty of Kim's finest qualities, including a fondness for posting hot shots to her Instagram page. And for that, we remain eternally grateful! Her recent shots show her bikini top undergoing quite a stress test, and only barely holding back those bountiful... READ MORE >>

by Kanye West's Controversial SUPERMOON Campaign for Yeezy Brand

The newly-released campaign images for the Yeezy SUPERMOON collection have everyone dropping jaws! Featuring the beautifully-bodied Clermont Twins and adult film actress Lela Starr, it's hard to resist a Bad Moon Rising while scrolling the catalog of Kanye's latest sneaker and apparel creations! READ MORE >>

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