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by Naked Fundraiser at the London Zoo!

Hundreds gathered for the annual 'Streak for Tigers' Fundraiser at the London Zoo! Participants raced through the zoo in colourful tiger-inspired body paint with the goal to raise over 40,000 for the protection of Sumatran Tigers and their endangered Indonesia habitat. Read the story here READ MORE >>

by "Streak For Tigers" Has London Zookeepers Taking It All Off For Animal Welfare

In a zoo, usually it's just the animals that don't wear any clothes, but the London zoo staff decided to strip naked for the tigers! The event, literally called "Streak For Tigers", allows would-be nudist guests to streak naked around the zoo for charity. The event costs 20 to register, and participants have to raise a minimum of 150 for the cause before they can participate. READ MORE >>

by There's A Naked Sculpture Of Kate Moss Now

Kate Moss has always been a figurative work of art, and now she's a literal one. London's Opera Gallery unveiled MILF, a nude statue based on Kate Moss that's based on the iconic Venus de Milo statue and a mannequin, as per the request of the gallery's director, Jean-David Malat. The statue was created by an artist named Edgar Askelovic, the sculptor behind the bizarre Diamond Dog Bowie statue.... READ MORE >>

by They Don't Want No Tan Lines: London Naturists Are Fighting To Sunbathe Naked In The Park

The Naturists Action Group are fighting to get naked in England's parks! The naturist organization wants the freedom to strip down and sunbathe in the Buff in London's Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath- and have even taken their plea to authorities! Currently, it's illegal to be nude in the parks, and due to some pesky bylaws, nudists who bare it all could be charged with "harassment, alarm, or... READ MORE >>

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