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by Kami Osman, Kim Kardashian's Doppelganger, Is Busting Out ALL Over Instagram

Kamilla Osman has been told for years that she looks just like Kim Kardashian, and who are we to argue? The curvetastic Canadian shares plenty of Kim's finest qualities, including a fondness for posting hot shots to her Instagram page. And for that, we remain eternally grateful! Her recent shots show her bikini top undergoing quite a stress test, and only barely holding back those bountiful... READ MORE >>

by Big, Massive, Supersize Boobs... Of The Week & More On Today's Program

Our Boob of the Week is everyone involved in the trash fire that is the Dutch game show "Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee". As Roxanne O'Neill explains, its appalling "competitions" include male "contestants" deciding if a woman is "Pregnant or just fat", and guessing whether someone is Chinese or Japanese! Roxanne O'Neill has the details, so watch now at READ MORE >>

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