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by Hulk Hogan's Gawker Suit Starting, Syphilis Outbreak In Nevada, Armstrong Vine Awards, Top Dating Apps & More On Today's Program

Today's show closes out with Whitney St. John and Kat Curtis talking about some of our Dating Uncovered stories. You can find out characteristics of their "perfect man", their experiences with dating apps, and their thoughts on the study that said over sixty percent of people would end a relationship over a pet. They aren't always in agreement! Watch the whole show at READ MORE >>

by US Army To Test Incredible New Weapon, Lamar Odom Hospitalized In Nevada, Male Porn Star Shortage In Japan & More On Today's Show

It's Hump Day, and we're starting the countdown to the weekend in style with a hot new program for you all to enjoy. With the midweek Sports report, we have Natasha Olenski - ESPN ranked the NBA's San Antonio Spurs as the top North American pro sports franchise. And yet again, the Toronto Maple Leafs were in the basement - Lamar Odom, former NBA all-star is in hospital after being found... READ MORE >>

by American Apparel Files For Bankruptcy, NASA Releases Incredible Apollo-Era Photos, Weekend Sports Wrapup, Guest Anchor Lydia & More On Today's Program

You may think you don't like Mondays, but you just might change your tune while watching today's Naked News. You may remember lovely amateur Lydia, who auditioned recently. We got a massive amount of feedback on her - short version: everyone loved her - so we've brought her back this week as a Guest Anchor. We threw her right into the deep end with News Off The Top, and later she sat down with... READ MORE >>

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