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by World Economic Forum Convening In Switzerland, British Parliament Debates Banning Donald Trump, Angie's David Bowie Tribute & More On Today's Show

Today's show has lovely Isabella Rossini on hand to present our News Off The Top. She's got stories including - Actress Kate del Castillo is being questioned by Mexican authorities, in relation to her ties to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, though officials stress that she's a witness and hasn't been accused of any crimes - The US Treasury Department released new regulations intended to prevent... READ MORE >>

by Danni Back As Guest Anchor, SpaceX Launches Jason-3 Satellite, NFL Playoff Wrapup & More On Today's Show

We got SO much enthusiastic email in response to Danni's audition that we pulled a few strings and got her to come back on super-short notice! We threw her right into the deep end with our News Off The Top, but then sat down in the Close to learn some more about her, and find out how she liked her first day as a Guest Anchor. See it all, start to finish, in stunning HD at READ MORE >>

by Snoop Dogg Launching Marijuana Website, Emmy Ratings In The Crapper, The Naked Nerd Returns & More On Today's Show

It's a busy show today, including this week's From The Vault feature, where we play our tribute to the original Naked News anchor, Victoria Sinclair. She was the First Lady of Naked News, and her importance to the program can't be overstated. She retired last year, and we wanted to remind everyone just how much she meant to us, and to her fans. To see it, plus the full show, plus hundreds more... READ MORE >>

by Bernie Sanders Rumored To Seek Democratic Nom, Jane Goodall Says To Close SeaWorld, NFL Draft Predicting & More On Today's Show

The midweek Sports report is presented by the lovely Natasha Olenski - The LA Angels of Anaheim have coughed up about $68 million to get Josh Hamilton off of their roster - It's NFL Draft time, and Washington owner Daniel Snyder is offering a million bucks to whoever picks the exact order of all 32 first-round players - Angels pitcher Garrett Richards broke the Texas Rangers' Adrian Beltre's... READ MORE >>

by Time Warner-Comcast Merger In Jeopardy, Doctors Want Dr. Oz Booted, Lavazza Coffee In Space & More On Today's Show

Guest Anchor Madison has the deets from Hollywood, in Naked At The Movies - Netflix has nabbed Ricky Gervais' next film, Special Correspondents. Gervais writes, directs, and co-stars opposite Eric Bana. It's the latest in the streaming service's string of deals - they've also signed with Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler - Olivia Munn is signed to play Betsy Braddock - aka Psylocke - in X-Men:... READ MORE >>

by Sydney Siege Ends, Johnny Manziel Blanked, Bill Cosby Speaks & More On Today's Show

Rachelle Wilde brings us the big automotive news in Wheelz. She's got details of Tesla's 25% stock price plunge, Motor Trend naming the Chevrolet Colorado its Truck of the Year, Goodyear's next phase of testing for their self-inflating tires, and the discovery of 60 classic cars from the 1930s-1960s that could be worth up to $20 million. To see the entire show, go to! We've... READ MORE >>

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