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by Amateur Roxanne's Audition, Matt Damon In "The Martian", Eila Adams And Madison Banes At Spice Adult Resort & More On Our Weekend Shows

Kick back, relax, fire up the computer, SmartTV, or Roku, because we've got some spectacular programming for you over the weekend! We've got a brand-new audition from fresh 19 year old amateur Roxanne. She auditions with an In Focus look at singer and actress Ariana Grande, then tells us a bit more about herself in the Q&A. She's got perfect pitch, enjoys singing and climbing trees, and enjoys... READ MORE >>

by Explosions At US Military Base In Japan, Go Topless Day, Green Bay Packers Star Jordy Nelson Injured & More On Today's Show

Madison Banes is also back from her holiday, and checks out what's going on in Hollywood as she goes Naked At The Movies - Ronda Rousey thinks she'd make a perfect Captain Marvel - Hugh Jackman's next Wolverine flick, coming in 2017, will be his last - Zorro Reborn has been greenlit, and the story will apparently be set in a not-so-distant post-apocalyptic future - The US' Regal theater chain... READ MORE >>

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