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by Laura Goes Coconuts In The Naked Newsroom & More On Today's Program

Guest Anchor Laura is in the Naked Newsroom with the bulletins today, with stories including - 200 million US voters' personal information was exposed, thanks to a marketing firm working for the Republican party - American supercomputers are out of the top 3 ratings for the first time since 1996 - At least 20 flights out of Phoenix needed to be cancelled because of the extreme heat - Time... READ MORE >>

by Jenn's Audition, "Library Girl" Kendra Sunderland's One On One, Velvet Skye's Schmooze & More

It's an overused term, but our Friday and Weekend shows are absolutely EPIC this week. Okay, they're pretty epic every week, but this week it's even more so than usual. Why, you ask? Well, fasten your seatbelts, because here is just a little peek at what you can enjoy. Madison Banes, Eila Adams, and Peyton Priestly are your trio of hosts for both shows, and they're having a blast. Whether... READ MORE >>

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