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by Meet The Naked FLOTUS Model, Melanie Marden

Rapper T.I. has sparked outrage with the release of his latest music video. First Lady, Melania Trump has called for the video to be boycotted for depicting her likeness in the oval office, stripping naked while T.I. watches from the President's desk. The Canadian-born model, actress and producer, Melanie Marden is now defending her role in the video for online haters who are ravenous in their... READ MORE >>

by Now That's What You Call Entertainment & More On Today's Program

Alana takes a look at what's going on in Entertainment, with stories like - Video of Jennifer Lawrence at a strip club in Austria prompted the star to post a statement saying she wouldn't apologize for having fun - Retired Olympic swimmer Inge de Bruijn is appearing on Dutch reality show "Adam Seeks Eve", where the participants date naked - A number of sources say that Scarlett Johansson and... READ MORE >>

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