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by Shannon Blake Will Get Your Engines Running & More On Today's Program

Sexy Shannon Blake offers a very smooth ride in Wheels, with stories including - The 1997 Honda Accord was 2016's most stolen vehicle, with the Honda Civic and Ford F-150 rounding out the top 3 - RV sales continue to rise, thanks to easy credit, low gas prices, and updated tech that lets travelers stay connected - John Lennon's customized Rolls-Royce Phantom 5 from the Sgt. Pepper era will be... READ MORE >>

by Alleged Boehner Assassination Attempt, Leak Alarm On International Space Station, Cristiano Renaldo Wins Ballon d'Or & More On Today's Show

It's a big news day today! Carli Bei has the major stories, including details of an alleged assassination attempt on US House Speaker John Boehner, the US Department of Homeland Security ramping up screening measures at airports, and authorities believe Junaid Hussain is the leader of the "CyberCaliphate" responsible for attacking the Pentagon's Twitter and YouTube feeds Monday. As well, the... READ MORE >>

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