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by Tia Has Plenty Of Fringe Benefits & More On Today's Program

Our Naked Weather Forecast with Tia Larose takes a look at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and some of the A-list celebrities who appeared there early in their careers. That includes Robin Williams, Mike Myers, Russell Brand, and Craig Ferguson! She's also got a little Brainstorm Trivia, and a look at the weekend temps. Get it all now at READ MORE >>

by Madison Mentions Many Mighty Models & More On Today's Program

New York Fashion Week wrapped up, so Madison Banes gave us a rundown on some of the super-sexy models who strutted their stuff on the runways. She's got the scoop on Sara Sampaio, Jing Wen, Karly Loyce, and Teyana Taylor - plus a look at the weekend - on the Naked Weather Forecast. See all that and plenty more at READ MORE >>

by Social Media Loves Justin Trudeau, Bernie Madoff's Victims Will Get Repaid, Sunscreen May Be Killing Coral & More On Today's Show

Today, Isabella Rossini, Angie Heyward, and Guest Anchor Marie talk about some of today's stories. They've got thoughts on Canada's hot new head of state, embarrassing things that have happened to them on camera, and what their own pre-show rituals are. They've also got the results of our poll question about the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. Enjoy it all at READ MORE >>

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