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by Naked Attraction Returns- With A STAGGERING Amount Of Nudity

Naked Attraction, the British Channel 4 naked dating show that features people stripping down to see the goods before they commit to a date, is back with a new season- and possibly more nudity than ever! The show featured close ups of 363 lady bits in its first episode alone- that's a lot of ladybits READ MORE >>

by Want To Be On A Naked Dating Show? If You Live IN The UK, Here's Your Chance

Do you live in Yorkshire, England! Want to "try before you buy", dating-wise! Well, a hit TV show called Naked Attraction is looking for people who are willing to show the goods on the second season of the popular dating show! The world's most daring dating show returns soon, and is looking for sexy singles to show it all off! Want to apply but feeling shy about what you look like naked? Well,... READ MORE >>

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