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by Aussie Natursists Are Teeing Off In The Buff!

Wearing nothing more than sunhats and running shoes, the naturists of the BruJul Nudist Retreat in Darwin, Australia have taken to the Humpty Doo Golf Course! The event was called "Wandering Bares" and was organized by 69-year-old nudist Bruce Jensen and his wife Julie, who run the retreat. Check out the fun snaps below and the full article here. READ MORE >>

by How To Survive A Heatwave - GET NAKED!

A first-time skinny dip can be awfully intimidating to the non-naturist. But in some of the high heat temperatures we've reached this season, we're running out of options for how to keep comfy under the summer sun... it's time to strip down and seize the summer! Check out this awesome article by Alice O'Keefe on the joys of getting naked! CLICK HERE. READ MORE >>

by Photographer Amelia Allen Shares Experience With Britain's Naturists

'Naked Britain' is Amelia Allen's first-published photo series that has garnered much praise from the UK Press and the BBC World News for its bold and breathtaking display of the UK naturist community. The brave photographer spent time in naturist resorts and camps, stripping down to not only snap photos of naked bodies, but to take part in their community the only way one truly can, in the... READ MORE >>

by Tia's Got Some Royal Weddings & More On Today's Program

In today's Naked Weather Forecast, in honor of this weekend's royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Tia Larose has some celebrities who've become royalty through marriage! That includes Olivia Wilde, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Grace Kelly. Get all the regal details now at READ MORE >>

by Upstate New York Offers NAKED Cave Spelunking!

Howe Caverns Adventure Park in upstate New York is celebrating International Nude Day, July 14th 2018 by welcoming nudists for a lamplight tour of the cave! Details for this awesome event can be found on the Facebook event page! Click here! READ MORE >>

by Naked Cleaning Service Clientele Prefer Full Figures!

UK's Naturist Cleaners have taken over media headlines with their all-naked cleaning services available right to your home! The latest development they have shared with the public is that younger and slimmer-bodied attendants are in LESS demand than their more mature, fuller figured ladies on staff! The company is having to reject the hiring of younger, slimmer model-esq applicants! Read the... READ MORE >>

by Top NAKED Travel Experiences!

Get our your pen and paper to jot these down! has composed a killer list of the top travel experiences for naturists! The list includes some luxurious sauna retreats in Finland, Austria and Russia, along with outdoor spa retreats in Japan and of course a meal at London's bustling, all-nude restaurant, The Bunyadi! READ MORE >>

by Britain Offers NAKED Cleaning Service!

This is NOT a joke! Naturist Cleaners founder Laura Smith launched the naked housekeeping service in 2017 after years of observing a nudist boom in Britain. The female attendants on staff come to your home and tidy in only slippers and gloves! Appointments start at 45/hour with a 30/booking fee. Clients looking to arrange for the service must confirm they are the only person in the home at the... READ MORE >>

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