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by Alana Blaire is a sight for Thor eyes & more on today's program

Alana Blaire has the Naked Weather Forecast, which honors the legacy of the recently departed Stan Lee by checking out some of his Marvel creations on the big screen. That includes Iron Man, Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Black Panther. Plus, of course, the weekend temperatures. Get it all now at READ MORE >>

by Betsy Checks Out Some Sports Illustrated Icons & More On Today's Program

Betsy Swoon takes a look ahead to the weekend in her Naked Weather Forecast. She marks Sports Illustrated's 64th anniversary by looking at some of their most iconic covers, including Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, Dennis Rodman, Tiger Woods winning his 4th Masters, and the Miracle on Ice. Plus, she's got the temperatures and some Brainstorm Trivia! Watch now at READ MORE >>

by New Zealand Nudist In Defense of Skinny Dipping

The gorgeous beaches of Waiheke Island in New Zealand are a popular destination for locals and vacationers alike! Many naturists have enjoyed a dip in the buff from time to time and Free Beaches NZ President Mike Ward is now on-guard to protect the freedoms of all skinny-dippers visiting the picturesque sands as the "clothing optional" zones close in! Check out the full article here! READ MORE >>

by America's Got Tyra & More On Today's Program

On today's program, Eila Adams goes Inside The Box for the scoop from TV Land, including Tyra Banks' takeover of Nick Cannon's America's Got Talent duties! Watch now at READ MORE >>

by Apple Sales Fall, American Breasts Are Tops, Alessandra Ambrosio And Adriana Lima To Help NBC's Olympic Coverage And More On Today's Program

Today's program wraps up with Angie Heyward joined by Kat Curtis and Eila Adams to talk about some of today's stories. They reveal their own lives' theme songs, as well as their favorite "crappy compliments". And of course, they also talk about the fact that American women have the biggest natural breasts on the planet. We'd like to get your thoughts on that, too, so we've created a post on our... READ MORE >>

by Charlotte McKinney Single Again, Pokemon Go Taking Over The Globe, Eila's Yoga Flex Appeal At Bare Oaks and MORE on Today's Show!

Carli Bei hosts another action-packed show for you, starting with guest anchor Jemma with the latest from Hollywood in Entertainment: -Charlotte McKinney broke up with Stephen Dorff because he was cheating on her -Derek Jeter got married to swimsuit model Hannah Davis -Aubrey Plaza comes out as bisexual to The Advocate -Comedian Sarah Silverman has revealed that she nearly died recently after... READ MORE >>

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