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by Aussie Natursists Are Teeing Off In The Buff!

Wearing nothing more than sunhats and running shoes, the naturists of the BruJul Nudist Retreat in Darwin, Australia have taken to the Humpty Doo Golf Course! The event was called "Wandering Bares" and was organized by 69-year-old nudist Bruce Jensen and his wife Julie, who run the retreat. Check out the fun snaps below and the full article here. READ MORE >>

by New Zealand Nudist In Defense of Skinny Dipping

The gorgeous beaches of Waiheke Island in New Zealand are a popular destination for locals and vacationers alike! Many naturists have enjoyed a dip in the buff from time to time and Free Beaches NZ President Mike Ward is now on-guard to protect the freedoms of all skinny-dippers visiting the picturesque sands as the "clothing optional" zones close in! Check out the full article here! READ MORE >>

by Naked Golfing Aussie's Break Guinness World Record!

The Young Nudists of Australia smashed the current Guinness World Record for miniature golf played in the nude by hosting a group of 47 players putting along the 36-par course! The group took on the challenge for top spot rankings in hopes of sharing with the world the diversity of nudists today. The previous group to hold the title tallied up to a mere 30 people! Check out the story here. READ MORE >>

by Couple Shares Naked Travels on Instagram!

We are in love with a Belgian couple that has treated us to their international travels on Instagram! The best part, they are as NAKED as they can possibly be while on their Globetrotting adventures! Follow the account and enjoy the gallery here! READ MORE >>

by North East Skinny Dip 2017 Gallery!

The Annual North East Skinny Dip is an event to celebrate the autumn equinox while raising money for the MIND mental health charity! Check out the awesome gallery below of brave and beautiful bodies taking to the chilly waters on Druridge Bay in Northumberland, England! READ MORE >>

by The Best Photos From Hike Naked Day

Check out these photos from International Naked Hike Day! The day was celebrated earlier this week, and the hashtag #nakedhikeday blew up on instagram! Enjoy these gorgeous shots! READ MORE >>

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