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by Ford Recalls 600K Vehicles, Wrist Tattoos Foil Apple Watches, Dr Mehmet Oz Is Boob Of The Week & More On Today's Show

Katherine Curtis and Isabella Rossini finish things up by answering some Viewer Mail, including a little more info on OSU Library Girl Kendra Sunderland - we're still in talks to have her on the show some more! For more details on today's show, just click above. Or just watch the full show, available with complete nudity in HD, at! READ MORE >>

by Grand Master Boob Of The Week, Massive IRS Scam, Giselle Bundchen Retires & More On Today's Show

Angie Heyward crowns our Boob of the Week, and it's a real face-palmer. Georgian chess Grand Master Gaioz Nigalidze was caught cheating at the Dubai Open Tournament because he kept running to the bathroom, where officials found his cell phone, which he was using to analyze the game he was playing. Some strategy, Gaioz! All news is better when you're watching our lovely naked anchors in stunning... READ MORE >>

by Bowe Bergdahl Charged With Desertion, Daniel Podolsky Is Boob Of The Week, Kendrick Lamar's Album Reviewed & More On Today's Show

We check out TV news with the help of Eila Adams and Inside The Box - The BBC announced Wednesday that they wouldn't renew Jeremy Clarkson's contract for Top Gear. It's a blow to the Beeb, as Top Gear is a huge money maker for them - James Corden's debut helming The Late Late Show was a critical and ratings hit, giving CBS the show's best numbers since late 2011 - The X-Files will be coming... READ MORE >>

by St. Patrick's Day, Putin Reappears, Justin Bieber Roast Preview & More On Today's Show

With Dating Uncovered, Angie Heyward offers up the fascinating results of a few studies - A British study says the most common sleeping position for couples is back to back. Spooning was only third most popular - Oxford University research suggests that humans are the only mammals that can be either polygamous or monogamous - Czech researchers say having a dominant partner in a relationship,... READ MORE >>

by Vanilla Ice Arrested, Apple Electric Car Speculation, Game Of Thrones News & More On Today's Show

We Turn It Up with Carli Bei, who's got the hot stories in music, like - Paul McCartney has racked up his first Top 10 since 1986, thanks to Rihanna and Kanye West. That's a new record - beating out Carlos Santana, who went 28 years between his two, "Black Magic Woman" and "Smooth". - Legendary Australian rockers AC/DC will start a huge world tour, including some of the biggest venues in North... READ MORE >>

by US-Cuba Talks Hit A Speedbump, California Cracking Down On Anti-Vax Movement, SNL's Star-Studded 40th & More On Today's Show

It's National Weatherperson's Day, so Natasha Olenski is running down some of the sexy women who make temperatures rise worldwide. Such as Toronto's Jillian Barberie, Romania's Roxana Vancea, Jill Nicolini from Long Island, and Mexico's stunning Mayte Carranco. There's also a Brainstorm Trivia question - when was the very first weather forecast? Natasha has the answer! We've got something for... READ MORE >>

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