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by Gillian Anderson NAKED for PETA

Standing 70-feet tall above New York City's bustling Penn Station is a stunning and statuesque nude campaign ad of Gillian Anderson in support of PETA. Check it out READ MORE >>

by Bunny Girl Protests for PETA in Pyeongchang

Ashley Fruno took a stand against the fur trade in minus 16 Celsius temperatures wearing nothing but high heels and her skivvies before the start of the anticipated Olympic Games! Full story here READ MORE >>

by Kate Del Castillo NAKED in the Snow for PETA

The 45-year-old actress and ex-Sean Penn lover has joined the celebrity round up for the latest PETA ad campaigns! Stating she'd "rather go NAKED than wear fur" is emphasized in this snap of the celeb totally frosted-over and surrounded by snowflakes! Check out the behind the scenes video here! READ MORE >>

by Alicia Silverstone Bares ALL for PETA!

Standing tall and nude in all of her activism glory, actress Alicia Silverstone poses for the new PETA ad blown up sky-high on a Portland billboard. The Clueless actress shows she's grown out of her "as-IF" and "whatever" valley-girl ways as one of the foundation's top celebrity personalities using her fame to fight for animal rights! READ MORE >>

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