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by It's Hump Day With Eila & More On Today's Program

Happy hump day, everyone! Eila's in the Naked Newsroom with the Bulletins, including a report that Steve Jobs' widow will become an owner of the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals! Get all the details at READ MORE >>

by Terrifying Pollution Prediction For Oceans, CNN To Moderate Next GOP Debate, John Scott Will Attend NHL All-Star Game & More On Today's Show

We're back again with yet another fantastic day of programming at Naked News. How do we do it, right? We just do. Today, Carli Bei has the sexy stories you need to know in Pillow Talk. That includes stories like... - New book WomanCode says 3pm is the best time for sex. Women are more alert thanks to a cortisol peak, and men are more emotionally present because of estrogen releases. Go figure!... READ MORE >>

by Wikileaks Strikes Again, China's Environmental Strategy, Deflategate Ball Up For Auction & More On Today's Show

With the midweek Sports report, we have Natasha Olenski - The centerpiece of next month's UFC 189 was going to be Jose Aldo vs Conor Macgregor, but Aldo has fractured a rib. No word yet on a new date - The chairman of the NFL's health & safety advisory commission says the league is weighing all the options to cut back on concussions, and that could include players forgoing helmets. The premise... READ MORE >>

by Online Diet Pill Warning, Hundreds Of Apps With Security Flaw, Bayern Munich Advances & More On Today's Show

Grab your controller, as Stephanie Lusk has the Game Spot - In advance of more Star Wars hitting the big screen in December, they've released the game Star Wars: Battlefront. It looks good - Guitar Hero Live will be the first new Guitar Hero game in five years. It's a first-person view, so you are the rockstar - The PlayStation 4 is again the top-selling gaming hardware, after a brief period... READ MORE >>

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