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by Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic! Real Life Barbie Shares Post Op Pics!

Nanette Hammond is a real life Barbie doll! the 44-year-old Italian yummy-mommy has spent over 350,000 in cosmetic surgeries and procedures to perfect the iconic look! She recently shared these super sexy nude snaps on her Instagram, and her 74,000 followers just couldn't get enough! since the age of 21, Nanette has undergone three boob jobs, a breast lift, lip fillers, Botox and veneers. The... READ MORE >>

by You Donut Want To Miss A Sweet Madison Banes & More On Today's Program

Madison Banes marks National Doughnut Day with a look at some crazy doughnuts from around the world. From Portland, Oregon's Voodoo Dougnuts to the dry pork and seaweed and black cheese offerings from Dunkin' Donuts overseas, back to Dominique Ansel's legendary cronuts, she's got some wild ones. There's even some Brainstorm Trivia! Watch now at READ MORE >>

by Guest Anchor Veronica Returns, Clinton's Lead Over Trump Widens, Pokemon Go Revenue Soars And More On Today's Program

Our recent auditioner, Veronica, is back with us as a Guest Anchor! She tries her hand at Entertainment, for her first-ever regular Naked News segment and stories like - In a guest blog for the Huffington Post, actress Renee Zellweger told the media they should pay attention to things other than allegations she's had plastic surgery - "Mariah's World" is Mariah Carey's upcoming 8-episode... READ MORE >>

by Hillary Clinton Increases Lead Over Donald Trump, Record Year For American Charitable Donation, Top Island Getaways & More On Today's Program

Today's program closes out with Carli Bei, Kat Curtis, and Eila Adams talking a bit more about some of today's topics. They share their thoughts on social media sites, then get into plastic surgery, Meg Ryan, and the pressure women face in the public eye. And they finish off with a discussion on nipple piercing. Yep, there's something for everyone! So check it out at READ MORE >>

by Amateur Kayla Auditions, Natasha Asks People About Boobs, Where Are They Now & More On Today's Show

The weather may be getting cooler, but we're going to do our best to warm up your weekend. We have a fresh new audition from Kayla. She starts off with an In Focus look at actress Jessica Chastain. Then, in her interview, she demonstrates a few dance moves and tells an eye-popping story about an experience she had while getting a Brazilian. See it all at READ MORE >>

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