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by Worldwide Naked Bike Ride In Protest Of Pollution!

This past weekend saw two major Naked Bike Ride events take to the streets. Citizens of Thessalonik, Greece and Mexico City flocked in nude hoards of thousands to draw attention to the rise of pollution and environmental dangers we are causing the planet. Attendees were decorated in elaborate body paint including beautiful depictions of nature and stark colours with messages strewn across their... READ MORE >>

by Betsy Slams Butthurt Vegans & More On Today's Program

Betsy Swoon names Marni Ugar and her band of vegan protesters our Boob of the Week for getting shocked and whiny after the chef at Antler Kitchen & Bar responded to them by carving and eating meat at a table by the restaurant's window. There's nothing wrong with being vegan, and there's nothing wrong with protesting. But you aren't the victim when your target protests back! See the full story... READ MORE >>

by Protesters Go NAKED To Protest The Running Of The Bulls In Spain

It's the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain- a week long event that attracts a number of tourists... and a plethora of activists. This year, the animal rights activists went nearly naked, donning underwear and bull horns and red powder meant to signify the bloodshed. Protesters show up every year, protesting what they call cruelty towards the animals. However, so far the... READ MORE >>

by How Do You Protest Gender Violence? With A Naked Flash Mob

A naked flash mob recently went down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The demonstration was organized by a group of feminist badasses known as Fuerza Artística de Choque Comunicativo (F.A.C.C), meaning “artistic force of communicative shock" to protest violence against women. The demonstration was carried out in front of the parliament, the presidential palace, Casa Rosada, and Argentina’s highest... READ MORE >>

by People Are Getting Naked In Public In Exeter, England- Here's Why

The World Naked Bike Ride is coming back to Exeter, England! Bike riders in the buff will be flooding the streets of Exeter on Saturday, June 24 for the sixth time. Organizer Graham May said, quote, "We ride naked to illustrate the vulnerability of cyclists on the road." Whatever their reasons, we're cheering for the extra flesh. READ MORE >>

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