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by Madison Mentions Many Mighty Models & More On Today's Program

New York Fashion Week wrapped up, so Madison Banes gave us a rundown on some of the super-sexy models who strutted their stuff on the runways. She's got the scoop on Sara Sampaio, Jing Wen, Karly Loyce, and Teyana Taylor - plus a look at the weekend - on the Naked Weather Forecast. See all that and plenty more at READ MORE >>

by Eila's Alec Bald-Winning & More On Today's Program

On today's program, Eila Adams talks television, Inside The Box, with stories like - The Game of Thrones season premiere was HBO's most-watched season premiere ever, with over 16 million viewers - Jodie Whittaker was announced to play the 13th Doctor Who, to much acclaim, and more than a little nerd rage - Alec Baldwin has signed to play role Jack Nicholson made famous in A Few Good Men, this... READ MORE >>

by France May Ban Breast Implants, Huge Hoverboard Recall, Great Game Of Thrones News & More On Today's Program

On today's program, Carli Bei is here to Turn It Up with stories like - Queen's 1981 Greatest Hits album is the UK's best-selling album of all time, and spent 158 weeks on Britain's Official Albums Chart Top 40 - Check out to see 20 years of Prince's online presence - Reports say Jay-Z's struggling Tidal music service is set to be bought out by Apple - After Rihanna... READ MORE >>

by Pan Am Dunk Tank Preview, FIFA Official Extradited To US, 50 Cent Boob Of The Week & More On Today's Show

Natasha Olenski will rock you with her Queen-themed Weather Forecast. It's Brian May's birthday this weekend, so she's got some info about him and the rest of the legendary group - John Deacon, Roger Taylor, and of course the incomparable Freddie Mercury - all tied in to the weekend weather. To see it all (I know I want it all... I want it all... I want it all... and I want it now!) go to... READ MORE >>

by FIFA Scandal Continues, Muse's New Album Reviewed, Boob Of The Week & More On Today's Show

Sometimes it feels like we're always saying we've got a great show for you, but it's days like today there's no other way to describe it! Angie Heyward presents our Boob of the Week designation to former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner. Partly for his past shenanigans, but this time for using The Onion's obviously satirical article to defend himself from corruption allegations. For more on... READ MORE >>

by New Details Emerge in Virgin Galactic's Spaceship Two Crash, US-China Climate Change Agreement, The Osbournes Get a New Show and More on Today's Program

Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly have all agreed to a new eight-episode season on MTV! And as I was saying, according to Sharon, Ozzy is ESPECIALLY excited because he's completely sober now. He was apparently so drunk during the show's last season he hardly remembers a thing! Jack and Kelly are all grown up and no longer live at home, but should pop in now and then. We can't wait to see what the... READ MORE >>

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