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by Your Player One Will Be Ready & More On Today's Program

Today, Eila Adams takes a peek behind Hollywood's curtain in Naked At The Movies with stories like - Rights for "The President Is Missing", a not-yet published novel co-written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson, are already in demand - Sylvester Stallone hinted at the return of Ivan Drago in an Instagram post about the followup to Creed - Michelle Pfeiffer has joined Marvel's Ant-Man And The... READ MORE >>

by Italian Model Margot Ovani Poses NAKED On Instagram To Support Her Favorite Soccer Team

Margot Ovani is a gorgeous Italian model- and she's also a hardcore soccer fan. The beautiful brunette is a Juventus supporter, and promised her followers that if Juventus won against Real Madrid in the Champions League final, she'd pose nude shots on her Instagram to support her team. Unfortunately for her, Juventus suffered a defeat against Real Madrid, with a 4-1 final score for Real Madrid.... READ MORE >>

by Samsung Head Facing Charges, Wealth Disparity Increasing, Packers Beat Cowboys In A Thriller & More On Today's Program

You don't need to hate Mondays when you've got Naked News! On today's program, Sadie sizzles in the Naked Foodie with stories like - Industry Kitchen in New York City is offering a $2000 "24K pizza" with Stilton cheese, foie gras, truffles, caviar, and gold flake - After a trial at Xavier University in Ohio, the Pizza ATM is expected to roll out across the US and Canada - KFC Japan is now... READ MORE >>

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