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What's better than the weekend? A long weekend, of course. And even better than a long weekend? A long weekend WITH awesome Naked News shows for you. As our American friends celebrate their Memorial Day weekend, we've got a fantastic show to end off your Friday, another to get your Sunday revving, and then we have another brand-spanking new show on Monday. But we're getting ahead of ourselves... READ MORE >>

by Furious 7 Preview, Comicon Cosplay, Celebrity Nudity & More On Today's Show

It's a holiday Friday, but we still have a fresh show for you - we're nice like that. And it's a great show, too! The irrepressible Jacqui Childs went to Comicon and talked to cosplayers for Naked In The Streets. She even asked the burning question: Do cosplayers cosplay in the bedroom, too? Find out the answers at READ MORE >>

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It's Friday, and you know what that means - the start of the weekend, and our most fun segments. Our friends at Mr. Skin once again help Natasha Olenski present Hollywood XPosed, where we peek at the week in celebrity nudity - NCIS alum Sasha Alexander appeared topless in Shameless, which is one of our very favorite shows - The absurd horror-comedy Zombeavers naturally has some topless... READ MORE >>

by Anti-Muslim Opinion On The Rise In Germany, AirAsia 8501 Black Boxes Recovered, Hot Gadgets from CES & More On Today's Show

Katherine Curtis brings us the Tech report, with a special look at the coolest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Hot gizmos include Sony's 4k Action Cam, LG's 77-inch 4K Flexible OLED set, Sony's new Walkman ZX2, the PicoBrew Zymatic home beer maker, and the "CES Best of the Best", Sling TV - which has already secured deals with ESPN, CNN, and TNT, and will work on iOS,... READ MORE >>

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