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by Super Typhoon Meranti Blasting Taiwan, Pittsburgh Gets Self-Driving Uber, NFL Pledges Millions To Concussion Initiative And More On Today's Program

Check out today's program! With stories about love and relationships, Whitney St. John has Dating Uncovered and stories like - Newlyweds Gary and Almeda Hardwick of Tennessee are 18 and 71 respectively - that's a 53 year age gap - A new study says men who use Tinder have lower self-esteem than men who don't - According to a survey, women consider an unclean or disheveled appearance a... READ MORE >>

by New Regulations For Ivory Trade, T-Mobile Introducing Customer Stock Program, Length vs. Girth Debate Settled & More On Today's Program

Today's show wraps up with Madison Banes, Natasha Olenski, and Katherine Curtis discussing some of our Pillow Talk stories. Find out what they have to say about watching porn, the eternal "length versus girth" penis debate, and Gwyneth Paltrow's sex toy recommendations. Catch it all right now at READ MORE >>

by "Religious Freedom" Bill Passed In Mississippi, WhatsApp Encrypting All Messages, Interview With Welterweight Champ Danny Garcia & More On Today's Program

Is it Hump Day again already? You bet it is! In today's Close, Elise Laurenne, Katherine Curtis and Carli Bei add their own voices to the subject of workplace affairs, and talk about their own opinions on relationships with people they work with. Two of the three think it's a bad idea, but one of them had sex with a co-worker in a tanning bed - guess which one? Catch it all today at... READ MORE >>

by Stephen Colbert's Late Show Debut, Tablet Wars Heating Up, ESPN's New England Patriots "Spygate" Report & More On Today's Show

Today's program is packed with information and entertainment that'll make you the most interesting person at your office's water cooler. Whitney St. John and Eila Adams have a discussion about some of today's stories. We've got their thoughts on Taylor Swift outranking Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Vanity Fair's "Powers That Be" rankings, what's keeping people away from the movies, and the... READ MORE >>

by FBI Offers $3Mil Reward For Russian Hacker, Nestle Purina Beneful Dog Food Class Action, Tiger Dissed & More On Today's Show

Guest anchor Madison it tossed into the deep end on her first day with News Off The Top. She's got stories like - The FBI has offered a $3 million reward for the arrest of the Russian hacker behind a hundred million dollar cybercrime - The Justice Department is investigating major banks suspected of rigging prices of gold and silver - A mysterious tunnel was found on the campus of York... READ MORE >>

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